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10 Veterans 10 Songs

by SongwritingWith:Soldiers

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Lucky Man 03:25
Born in Massachusetts Boy from a small town Felt like I needed to give something back After the hammer came down Joined the Marine Corp Mama sure was proud didn’t quite understand No choice but to grow up fast I knew right then and there I was a lucky man Living in that dirty desert Brothers by my side Do it all again in a second Regret never crossed my mind Brothers you can trust when your life is on the line Fighting in a foreign land Even going through that hell Here to tell you I’m a lucky man When I got home i shut down Wouldn’t let anybody in Did the booze and the pills till they lost their thrill Then I did em all over again Met a good girl changed my world Stayed by my side helped me to understand She picks me up through the crawl and fall Let me tell you y'all I’m a lucky man Hmm lucky man Hmm luck man I finally see the road out ahead of me And a little bit around the bend Never would have made it back this far Without the family and friends Any day above the grave stay grateful thats my plan Through death and pain and almost going insane I’m a lucky man
Soul Talking 03:38
Thirty one years, hard living I didn’t get that silver spoon I got struggle, shame and hardship So much lies in ruin I put those boots on trying to get away To find myself, get a little pride Came out broken, hooked on darkness My demons came raging it was a downhill slide I can hear my soul, my soul talking Nighttime and the morning too Telling me to keep, keep on walking That’s my soul, soul talking When you hit bottom it’s mighty lonely It’s either choose living or go the other way But there was love, always waiting To pull me upright to a better day I got a reason to keep on living Spread a little peace of mind Help my brothers, save a little time That’s my soul, my soul talking Nighttime and the morning too That’s why I’m gonna keep, keep on walking That’s my soul, soul talking
Coming Down 02:58
Lighten up the night Turn it into day 7 ton truck 1 niner 8 King of battle that was my gun Baddest mother you know whats under the sun Steel rain and that thunder sound Better run for cover cause its coming down Got back home just tried to stay high Couldn’t intergrate didn’t care why Couldn’t relate didn’t make friends Got to that point wished it all would end Love stopped me didn’t fire that round Told me to start coming down Steel rain Feel that pain Coming down repeat Met a the girl who’s the one for me She said yes we got married Got a little girl on the way Now I feel grateful for everyday I was lost but now I’m found Thank god for coming down
I’m in a box, the day to day But still I must endure The black the white, the shade of grey To make it back to pure What you see isn’t me This is not what I’m meant to be The wind and the water, the stars and the moon I’m gonna be that one day soon There’s a girl in the back yard She walks in grass and the stream Through the forest and the railroad tracks As if in a dream In my breath I will release In the moment, in the peace I turn to this perfect world In the hand of that little girl
it’s not till you get home till everything falls apart not till you're alone till you can see what’s inside your heart I was scared to come back from Iraq thought I might hurt someone I love it’s been a struggle it’s still a struggle i didn’t know it was a school when I called the air strike in press just said we bombed some kids what kind of monster uses kids as cover it’s been a struggle it’s still a struggle I went to a wedding of a friend of mine Hard to be around strangers had a rough time Who do you trust i still carry around that dust It’s been a struggle It’s still a struggle Took fourteen years before I talked to my wife Somewhere it was ingrained in me grown men don’t cry She remembers who i was But my kids will never know It’s been a struggle It’s still a struggle I understand now I gotta build new dreams And I wanna be there for the ones that have been there for me Can’t dwell on the past time to look to the future It’s been a struggle It's still a struggle
I keep a lot of things deep inside Safe in a place where they can hide Covered in dust all that pain Left behind somewhere down range Buried troubles Buried deep Buried troubles Beneath my feet Broken hearts Broken souls My buried troubles Found a home Wearing names on my wrist Wonder how it all lead to this Looking back it’s not so clear Why my brothers didn’t make it here Buried troubles Buried deep Buried troubles Beneath my feet Broken bodies Unbroken wills My buried troubles Won’t be still If I dig them up Let them see the light of day Maybe they won’t bother me no more When it come time to find my way I’ll know how to heal these scars of war
Going Up 03:16
At the bottom of the trench But I’m dropping that shovel Going up, Going up I got a story to tell don’t interrupt me It might take more than a minute It’s a lot about my time in the army I loved being in it But I saw a whole new side of evil Seen the nightmare that it brings Now I’m trying to put my life back together Find hope in the simple little things They trained me to be what I had to be I was good, brother I was so high-speed But I came home with the full battle rattle And the walls caved in around me Drinking too hard, fighting real hard Lost my faith and everything else Got no excuses for all that’s gone wrong I only blame myself Every day .... get out of my own way Try to inspire .... pull my brothers from the fire Live with joy, live with hope No hate depression fear Be the man that I need to be now That’s the reason I’m here Going up, going up Not blowing up, going up Everyday showing up, going up It’s hard growing up, going up Going up, going up
Warrior 03:39
I remember I seeing a lot of good in people Back when I was a younger man But i went to war looked into the face of evil Change forever who I am I did my duty I was unapologetic Swore I’d be there when a brother's in need That's whet you do when you’re a warrior medic Give comfort and aid no matter what you believe But somewhere between then and now I got lost myself Oh oh oh healer Oh oh oh warrior Oh oh oh healer Oh oh oh warrior My wife asks me why am I so angry My kids ask me why am I so scared They see it but I don’t burden them Cause I’m still fighting that war over there But somewhere between then and now I got lost myself Oh oh oh healer Oh oh oh warrior Oh oh oh healer Oh oh oh warrior I haven’t given up on my bothers They haven’t given up on me Looking back pushes me forward Fighting to feel the hope that I thought I’d never see
The Lion 03:10
There’s lion down inside me The lion walked beside me Afghanistan combat, that’s where I’ve been He was my protector But ever since we came back here I’ve got get better so I can take care of him You can call me the king of the beasts The king of the beast in me Seventeen years ago Fifteen years old The first time I ever heard the lion roar It was in the power Of the falling tower And I knew that I would never be the same no more You can call me the king of the beasts The king of the beast in me Even in the chaos I knew I could always be The king of the beast in me And together we’re gonna climb Up to the mountain high And see it was all worth fighting for And high on the mountain let the lion roar You can call me the king of the beasts The king of the beast in me And finally we will both be at peace The king of the beast in me
Rattled 03:02
White whale, pressure plate 6th sense, tempt fate Sand and tracers, Ozzie and me I’m lucky to be alive, lucky to be Cause I was Rattled, Rattled Rattled, Rattled From blowing up walls, kicking in doors I don’t want to be Rattled no more Toughest part coming back Nobody got your back I had the finger on the trigger one too many times Couldn’t find hope, couldn’t see the sunshine I was Rattled, Rattled In a dark place like I never seen dark before I saw the laser light telling me I don’t have to be rattled no more It was a battle, battle To not be rattled, rattled Fighting just to get my broken feet on the floor And finally learn how to not be rattled no more Everyday can beat you up til you learn how To let go of what you can’t control Finally find freedom in my head and my soul Not be rattled, rattled Not be rattled, rattled Find a little peace behind the open door And not be rattled Everyday battle Took a long time to stand upright on the floor And I don’t want to live rattled no more I’m not gonna live rattled no more


Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program, is dedicated to healing the invisible wounds for Veterans of all eras, Service Members, Military Families and Families of the Fallen through world-class clinical care, wellness, education and research.

On September 11th and 12th of 2018, songwriters James House and Darden Smith of SongwritingWith:Soldiers teamed up with 10 Veterans in Boston to write 10 songs, telling their stories, while the team at Home Base researched the outcomes of the songwriting process.


released September 12, 2018

Dave Campbell / Jake Hartle / Jen Kannegaard / George Katsaris
Manny Mayberry / Justin Moreau / Blair Morin
Brian Ojalehto / John Oliveira / Manny Urizar
James House / Darden Smith


all rights reserved



SongwritingWith:Soldiers Nashville, Tennessee

SongwritingWith:Soldiers is a non-profit 501c (3) organization.

Our Mission: We transform lives by using collaborative songwriting to expand creativity, connections, and strengths.

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